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Jim Collins mixed media collages with assemblage frames are somewhat challenging in that the art is not finalized until the viewer completes it.  In general, there is no prearranged single story, idea, or philosophy inherent in the work.  Because the work is made of many parts on different layers each viewer will see different parts one at a time, and in turn will assign a value to each part of the work as it relates to the whole. That is within the viewer’s frame of reference.  Specifically, some will see simple pattern or recognize symbols, a logo, or familiar images.  All of the apparent parts will determine what is important to each individual in making up the art.  Ideally, this experience will be much like the theater, in that the stage is set and the viewer writes the play.  Continuing the rich tradition of storytelling in the South.

A few years ago, Collins traveling exhibition, "IRISH ENCOUNTERS" was seen at four venues in Ireland: The Blackbird Gallery in Kilkenny, the Basement Gallery in Dundalk, County Louth, Dooradoyle Library in County Limerick and finished the tour with a showing at RAURED in Dublin.

New collages continue with the most recent work based on THE WOOING OF ETAIN.
A legendary ancient Irish love story of Midir and Étain.  The magical tale which conjures up romantic notions of myth and mystery.  A story about the power of love, transformation and the overcoming of obstacles.  I have worked on this series for the past four years and there are 40 plus piece of mixed media collage and sculpture completed to date.


Portrait Of Etain
The Clones Of Etain
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